Call to Prayer in Scotland - 14 June

Candle 3Church groups across Scotland are asking Christians to join in prayer at 7pm on 14th June 2020.

14 Scottish Church organisations join together to pray at the same time this Sunday in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

A Gaelic translation of the prayer can be downloaded here.


The experience of being powerless is one that will resonate with many of us. There are times throughout our experience when we sense that we are not in control of what is happening in our own world. Indeed, there will be occasions when we sense that the wider world is afflicted by the seeming absence of a guiding hand.
The Apostle Paul expresses the reality that God acts through Jesus Christ, for us and our salvation, at the very moment in time when we are unable to act on our own behalf and we are powerless. The action of God in Jesus Christ is a demonstration of the love of God. (Romans 5: 1-8, NIV) As we know ourselves to be powerless and, at the same time, to be those who have received the renewing and empowering love of God poured 'into our hearts by the Holy Spirit', we turn to God, we pray:

Living God, you demonstrate your love for us Though our Lord Jesus Christ.
When we are powerless,
Stand with us in our weakness.
Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer.

Living God, you demonstrate your love for the world Through the self-giving of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We remember those who are powerless in our world And stand with them in their weakness.
Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer.
Living God, as we stand with others

May we understand more fully the life we share in common. In understanding more fully
May we embrace the richness of the life you gift us.
Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer.
Living God, your Holy Spirit

Is the Lord and Giver of Life.
May your love be poured into our hearts And our lives renewed.
Lord, in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

Living God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer,
Embrace us, and all Creation,
In the love you demonstrate through our Lord Jesus Christ. Lord, in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.


Signed by:

 Rt. Rev. Dr Martin Fair, Moderator of the General Assembly, Church of Scotland
 Most Rev. Leo Cushley, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, Roman Catholic Church
 Most Rev. Mark Strange, Primus, on behalf of the College of Bishops, Scottish Episcopal Church
 Rev. John Fulton, Moderator, United Free Church of Scotland
 Rev. Dr David Pickering, Moderator, United Reformed Church (Scotland)
 Rev. Martin Hodson, General Director, Baptist Union of Scotland
 Rev. Mark Slaney, District Chair, Methodist Church (Scotland)
 Rev. May-Kane Logan, Chair, Congregational Federation in Scotland

 Lt. Col. Carol Bailey, Secretary for Scotland, Salvation Army
 Adwoa Bittle, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
 Rev. Jim Ritchie, District Superintendent, British Isles North District, Church of the Nazarene
 Pastor Chris Gbenle, Provincial Pastor, Province of Scotland, Redeemed Christian Church of God
 Bishop Francis Alao, Church of God (Scotland)/Minority Ethnic Churches Together in Scotland (MECTIS)
 Rev Fred Drummond, Director, Evangelical Alliance (Scotland)

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