Interfaith dialogue is a religious partnership without hidden agendas or motives. It involves attitudes of respect, listening, sincerity, openness and willingness to learn from others. Far from involving any compromise of faith, it can lead to a deeper understanding of one's own faith and of God, who calls all people.

Between 1995 and 2013 the Churches Agency for Interfaith Relations in Scotland (CAIRS) helped to promote dialogue with the other faith communities. CAIRS aimed to encourage:

Making Christians aware of the presence, beliefs and practices of the faith communities around them
Encouraging mutual respect and appreciation
Promoting inter faith dialogue
Helping all to benefit from the riches to be found in all religious traditions

ACTS continues to work on fostering good interfaith relations - especially through co-operation with Interfaith Scotland on matters of mutual interest. For more information see

Hatred, discrimination and violence based on religious difference has no place in the economy of God.

CAIRing for Scotland - Digital copy available for download

CAIRing for Scotland - the Churches contribution to Interfaith relations in Scotland is now available for digital downlad. Sister Elizabeth Smyth writes "For 14 years the Churches in Scotland had a committee specifically dedicated to developing the work of interfaith relations among Christians. It was called CAIRS, the Churches Agency…

Faith Groups set out their role in Scotland's future

Representatives of Scotland's religious communities came together to consider the role they wish to play in Scottish society. At an interfaith conference a joint statement was agreed affirming the important contribution churches and faith groups make to our modern Scotland and their continued commitment to serving the communities of which…

Nurturing Children in Faith

The report of the day conference, Nurturing Children in Faith, held in Scottish Churches House is now available for download. The day explored the role of home, school and faith community in the nurture process and recieved contributions from members of the Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh communities.

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