Racial Justice Sunday 2015
Dine, Discuss and Digest

On Sunday 13th September 2015 the Scottish Churches Racial Justice Group invite you to a celebration meal at the Couper Institute in Glasgow. In fellowship together, people in Scotland from many countries across the world can share their desire for justice in our communities.

A leaflet can be downloaded here

Wednesday, 28 January 2015 00:00

Seeking Sanctuary Workshop

This interactive workshop aims to give an understanding of the processes people have to go through when seeking sanctuary in the UK and, crucially, how that experience might feel. Rather than simply being presented with the facts, participants are given the opportunity to discover them in a way which encourages them to internalise the information and empathise with those involved.

All the stories are based on real people and events, mostly told at the Independent Asylum Commission hearings www.humanrightstv.com/iac. They have been selected to represent a balance of backgrounds, nationality and gender, and their outcome reflects the overall success rate of those who seek sanctuary in the UK.

To download the resource, Seeking Sanctuary, please click here.

Thursday, 30 October 2014 00:00

Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Higher Education

When they met on August 29th the members of the Racial Justice Group received and approved a report from the Scottish Churches' Asylum and Destitution Task Group on the policies and practices of Scotland's Higher and Further Education institutions with regard to the admission to courses of asylum seeker and refugee students.

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